Service Disruptions

Change of 229 route in Snitterfield 5th September - 31st December
Commencing Monday 5th September 2016 there will be a minor route change to the 229 service in Snitterfield

At present the 229 bus travels along Ingon Lane, White Horse Hill, and Smiths Lane before going on to Bearley and takes the same route through the village when going in the opposite direction.

The revised route will operate from Ingon Lane, past the War Memorial to Park Lane, and along Church Road before turning onto Smiths Lane.

This extra ’loop’ around the village will hopefully enable those living at the Park Lane end of the village, who have difficulty walking, to get off/on the bus nearer to their homes.

Affects Services: 229

HAIL AND RIDE SECTION ON SERVICE 4H & 17 30th July - 31st December
From Sunday 30th July 2017 a section of the 4H and 17 service along Huntingtree Road, between the junctions of Wall Well and Elizabeth Road will become hail and ride.

The temporary bus stop on Huntingtree Road will no longer be there. However passengers may still wait at this location to board the bus, as part of the hail and ride agreement.

We would ask passengers to wait in a position which is clear and safe for the bus to stop, and clearly indicate to the driver on approach that you wish to hail this service.

On disembarking please ring the bell and notify to the driver that you wish to get off the bus. The driver will pull over when it is next safe to do so.

Affects Services: 4H, 17

Golden Hillock Rd / Waverley Rd roundabout road closure 21st August - 6th November
Golden Hillock Rd / Waverley Rd roundabout will be closed to traffic from 21st August to 6th November 2017 for roadworks.

During this time the 28A service will be diverted as follows:

From Small Heath:
Arthur Street, Bolton Road, Jenkins Road to then continue along Jenkins Road to Coventry Road, then Haybarnes Road and back to normal route.

From Ward End:
Normal line of route until Haybarnes Road and then reverse of above.

During this time the following roads will not be served: Oldknow Rd, Waverley Rd, Glovers Rd and Camelot Way.

Bus Stops along Coventry Rd will be observed during this diversion. Passengers are requested to clearly indicate to the driver if you wish to board or alight along this section.

There will be no change to the scheduled timetable.

Affects Services: 28A

Waseley Road, Rubery 18th September - 3rd November
Between 18th September until 3rd November

Diversion Route:

Service 202 & 202S.

From Bromsgrove, after serving Hillview Road divert via Windmill Avenue, Callowbrook Lane to re-join route after junction with Waseley Road.

From Halesowen, after serving Cross Farms Road divert via Callowbrook Lane, Windmill Avenue to re-join route at Waseley Road.

The service will omit the Waseley Road Stop.

Affects Services: 202

Devonshire Road Closure 21st September - 27th September
Thursday 21 - Wednesday 27 September 2017
0900 - 1500 hours (except Saturdays and Sundays)

Devonshire Road will be closed at it’s junction with Stony Lane due to roadworks. During these periods Service 55 will be diverted.

Service 55 Towards Smethwick - Buses will operate direct via Stony Lane.

Devonshire Road and St Pauls Rd will NOT be served. Passengers should board or alight at the Service 89 bus stops on Stony Lane.

Service 55 Towards Brandhall - Will operate in reverse of above.

Journeys at all other times are unaffected and will continue to serve their normal bus stops.

Affects Services: 55

Bull Street / West Bromwich Ringway Closure 23rd September - 6th October
From 23rd September until 6th October 2017, Bull Street / West Bromwich Ringway between High Street & Spon Lane will be closed due to roadworks.

During this time the following services will be diverted: 16W, 54, 54A and 66.

16W and 66 From West Bromwich Bus Station:
Will divert via St Michael Street, New Street, Cronehills Linkway, Congregation Way, then left onto Reform Street then rejoin normal line of route.

54 and 54A From West Bromwich Bus Station:
Will divert via St Michael Street, W Bromwich Ringway, then right onto Spon Lane, Left onto Kelvin Way, then left onto Trinity Way, right onto High Street, then Normal line of route towards Europa Village.

The High Street/Dartmouth Square bus stops will NOT be served. Passengers should board or alight at West Bromwich Bus Station

Towards West Bromwich:
Services will operate in reverse of above.

Affects Services: 16w, 54, 66

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