16w Outbound
Birmingham to West Bromwich
via Hockley and Hamstead

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Service No1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W16
Upper Dean Street, Markets061006240640065807100725073407400750075608140826083708460856
Priory Queensway, Bus Mall061306270643070107140729073807440754080008180830084108500900
Hockley Circus, Soho Hill062106350651070907220738074707530803080908280840085109000910
Hamstead Road, Handsworth Park Gates062506390655071307260742075107570807081308320844085509040914
Handsworth Wood Road, Selbourne Rd062806420658071607290745075408000811081708360848085909080918
Hamstead, Green Lane063506490705072307360752080108070819082508440856090709160926
Sandwell General Hospital 0659 0733 0802 0817 0835 0906 0926 
West Bromwich, Bus Station 0704 0738 0807 0822 0840 0911 0931 
Service No16W16W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W16
Upper Dean Street, Markets090309130924093409430954100710141025103610461056110611161126
Priory Queensway, Bus Mall090709170928093809470958101110181029104010501100111011201130
Hockley Circus, Soho Hill091709270938094809571008102110281039105011001110112011301140
Hamstead Road, Handsworth Park Gates092109310942095210011012102510321043105411041114112411341144
Handsworth Wood Road, Selbourne Rd092509350946095610051016102910361047105811081118112811381148
Hamstead, Green Lane093309430954100410131024103710441055110611161126113611461156
Sandwell General Hospital09430953 1014 1034 1054 1116 1136 1156 
West Bromwich, Bus Station09480958 1019 1039 1059 1121 1141 1201 
Service No16W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W
Upper Dean Street, Markets113611461156120612161226123612461256130613161326133613461356
Priory Queensway, Bus Mall114011501200121012201230124012501300131013201330134013501400
Hockley Circus, Soho Hill115012001210122012301240125013001310132013301340135014001410
Hamstead Road, Handsworth Park Gates115412041214122412341244125413041314132413341344135414041414
Handsworth Wood Road, Selbourne Rd115812081218122812381248125813081318132813381348135814081418
Hamstead, Green Lane120612161226123612461256130613161326133613461356140614161426
Sandwell General Hospital1216 1236 1256 1316 1336 1356 1416 1436
West Bromwich, Bus Station1221 1241 1301 1321 1341 1401 1421 1441
Service No1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W16
Upper Dean Street, Markets140614161426143614461456150615161526153615461556160616161628
Priory Queensway, Bus Mall141014201430144014501500151015201530154015501600161016201632
Hockley Circus, Soho Hill142014301440145015001510152015301542155016001611162216321644
Hamstead Road, Handsworth Park Gates142414341444145415041514152415341547155516051616162716381650
Handsworth Wood Road, Selbourne Rd142814381448145815081518152815381551155916091620163116421654
Hamstead, Green Lane143614461456150615161526153615461559160716171629164016511703
Sandwell General Hospital 1456 1516 1536 1556 1617 1639 1701 
West Bromwich, Bus Station 1501 1521 1541 1601 1622 1644 1706 
Service No16W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W1616W16W16W
Upper Dean Street, Markets163716481657170817171730174217521804181218251832185219121932
Priory Queensway, Bus Mall164116521701171217211734174617561808181618291836185619161936
Hockley Circus, Soho Hill165417061716172717361749180118111823183118431850190619261946
Hamstead Road, Handsworth Park Gates170017121722173317421755180718171829183618481855191019301950
Handsworth Wood Road, Selbourne Rd170417161726173717461759181118211833184018521859191419341954
Hamstead, Green Lane171317251735174617551808182018301841184819001907192219422002
Sandwell General Hospital1723 1745 1805 1830 1851 1910 193219522012
West Bromwich, Bus Station1728 1750 1810 1835 1856 1915 193719572017

16w Old Walsall Road Closure 23rd May - 27th May
16 / 16W Diversion
From Tues 23 to Sat 27 May. (19:00 to 7:00 only)

Old Walsall Road from Hamstead Road to Rockley Lane will be closed to allow resurfacing works to take place.
During this period service 16 and 16W will be diverted as follows:

Buses will be diverted via Rockley Lane, Walsall Road and Newton Road.

Passengers should board or alight at the Austin Way bus stops or at the Green Lane terminus.

16w Birmingham Pride Parade - City Centre Diversions 27th May
Saturday 27th May 2017

This parade will affect a number of services in Birmingham City Centre from 10am to 1:30pm.

Various road in the city will be closed.

The Diamond services affected will operate the diversions below:

Service 16 and 16W: Buses will terminate on Priory Queensway. Passengers should board or alight at Bus Stop BS11 adjacent to Moor Street Queensway.

Service 146: Buses will terminate on Horsefair. Passengers should board or alight at Bus Stop HF1 adjacent to Holloway Circus.