28A Outbound
Ward End to Small Heath
via Belchers Lane

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Service No28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A28A
Small Heath, Arthur Street070807380808084809180948101810481118114812181248131813481418
Golden Hillock Road071407440814085409240954102410541124115412241254132413541424
Heartlands Hospital072607560830090609361006103611061136120612361306133614061436
Ward End, Fox & Goose073208020838091209421012104211121142121212421312134214121442
Service No28A28A28A28A
Small Heath, Arthur Street1458154316281713
Golden Hillock Road1504154916341719
Heartlands Hospital1516160116461731
Ward End, Fox & Goose1522160716521737

28A Golden Hillock Rd / Waverley Rd roundabout road closure 21st August - 6th November
Golden Hillock Rd / Waverley Rd roundabout will be closed to traffic from 21st August to 6th November 2017 for roadworks.

During this time the 28A service will be diverted as follows:

From Small Heath:
Arthur Street, Bolton Road, Jenkins Road to then continue along Jenkins Road to Coventry Road, then Haybarnes Road and back to normal route.

From Ward End:
Normal line of route until Haybarnes Road and then reverse of above.

During this time the following roads will not be served: Oldknow Rd, Waverley Rd, Glovers Rd and Camelot Way.

Bus Stops along Coventry Rd will be observed during this diversion. Passengers are requested to clearly indicate to the driver if you wish to board or alight along this section.

There will be no change to the scheduled timetable.