62 Circular Redditch Circular
via Forge Mill Road, Winyates, Matchborough West & Matchborough East

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Service No6262 62 62
Redditch Bus Station07020802 02 1802
Forge Mill Road07060806 06mins.1806
Winyates, Morrisons07170817 17past1817
Matchborough West, Illmington Close07200820then20each1820
Matchborough East, Milhill Road07270827at27hour1827
Winyates, Furze Lane07320832 32until1832
Forge Mill Road07400840 40 1840
Redditch Bus Station07460846 46 1846

62 Ravensbank Drive, Redditch Road Closure 30th October - 8th December
30th October - 8th December, 2017

Ravensbank Drive, Redditch from the junction of Madeley Road to Home Meadow Road will be closed in the North-bound direction. The 62 service will be diverted as follows:

62 services North onto Industrial Estate:
Normal route onto Moon Moat Industrial Estate, turning around at the Madeley Roundabout. Turning right at Moon Moat Roundabout into Moons Moat Drive, right Church Hill Way,right into Tanhouse Lane, left into Paper Mill Drive to continue on normal route.

Please note the following bus stops will NOT be served: Moons Moat, adj. Meadow Road, adj. Burnt Meadow Road, adj. Thornhill Road, Church Hill, adj. Meadow Lane and Church Hill, adj. Wood Piece Lane.

Nearest Bus Stops will be: Temporary bus stop South of Madeley Road Roundabout and Church Hill, opp. Thornbury Lane.

62 services South off Industrial Estate: Services are unaffected.